Selling Your Vero Beach Home? Price It Right From the Start!

Seller Tips - Price Your Home Right
In the current Vero Beach real estate market, prices are increasing, demand for homes is high and the supply of homes available for sale is decreasing. In this market environment, pricing a house for sale is one of the biggest challenges that real estate professionals face.

Vero Beach sellers often want to price their home higher than what the market will support, and sometimes agents will go along to keep their clients happy. However, the best agents realize that telling the sellers the truth and educate their clients about the market is more important than getting the listing. Here are some pricing tips.

Don’t price it high and later go for price reduction.

Sometimes the sellers may think that pricing the house high now and if it does not sell for this price they can always lower it later. However, research shows that homes that go for price reduction sit on the market longer and at the end are selling for less than similar homes.

Don’t raise the price to build “negotiation room”.

Many Vero Beach sellers they would like to price their home higher in order to have “negotiation room.” What they do not understand is that this action reduces the number of potential buyers that will go and see the house. At the end they will see the neighbor’s home while theirs is sitting on the market.

Sellers must understand that buyers are using all the tools available on the internet and they consult with their real estate agents that have knowledge of the local market and price points.

The chart below provides a great illustration of this point. The higher you price your home over its market value, the less potential buyers will actually see your home when searching online or call their real estate agents.

Price to Sales Pyramid

The Price is Always Right.

Great pricing comes down to truly understanding the real estate market in your neighborhood. Vero Beach sellers should look for an agent that will take the time to simply and effectively explain what is happening in the housing market and how it applies to their home.

I constantly study the local real estate market and I will always tell you what you need to know rather than what you want to hear (refer to my Vero Beach Real Estate Market Reports for detailed market analysis).

If you are planning to sell your Vero Beach home and you want know what is really worth, call me at 772-532-0945 or complete the form below to request a my home selling guide and a non-obligation market evaluation of your home today.

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